Hello World! (intro)

go get


Exercise 1 : Hello World

This exercise does not require that you use the machines at the real-time lab. However, the C code uses POSIX, so you'll need a POSIX-compliant OS, like linux or OSX.

Go has an interactive "Tour" you can take. Go's syntax is a bit different, so it may be worth skimming through, or at least using as a quick reference.



When asking for approval, make sure to prepare the following.

  • Part 3:
    • The modified file with answers filled in. You should open it at github or some other place where the markdown will be rendered nicely.
  • Part 4:
    • The file where you have written a couple of sentances explaining the result you get. (HINT: You're suppose to discover some weirdness, and you might have to run your program several times to trigger it).
    • A terminal where you can run your code while the student assistant is watching.