Parallel processing tier for event data in the Spade pipeline

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Spade Processor


The Spade Processor provides a service to transform and collate stat events into a format that is consistent with the current storage schema for a paricular event (if it exists). If you are interested in how we create and maintain schemas take a look at twitchscience/blueprint.

The above has a lot of big words that are kind of confusing so lets start off with an example.

What the Processor Does

The processor can be described by the following diagram:

Downloads logs from S3                                         
+––+––+     +–––––––––––––––––––––+––––+–––+                   
|     |     |                     |    |   ++                  
|     |     |                     |    +––––+       XXXXXXXXX  
|     |     |                     |    |   ++  XXXXXX       XX 
|     |     | Parsing Pool        |    +––––+ XX            XX 
|     |     |                     |    |   ++  X            XX 
|     +–––––+                     |    +––––––––+X   S3      X 
|     |     |                     |    |   ++    XX           X
|     |  +  |                     |    +––––+  XX          XXXX
+–––––+  |  +–––––––––––––––––––––+––––+   ++  XXXXXXXXXXXXX   
         |                        +––––––––+                   
         | chan []byte            Writer Controller and Writers

By this model if we attached a thread that simple output [1395707641.000] data=eyJwcm9wZXJ0a...GNoZWQifQ== 09fff3e1-49eff880-535707f3-20f9e114d784a3fa

to the parsing pool, the parsing pool would recieve this line and extract the data contained in the (truncated) base64 encoded json blob. This Json blob would then be transformed into a tab delimited representation of the schema for the event as described in the daemon's table_config.json file (an example of how that config looks is contained in the config directory).

This in turn will trigger an ingest of the data into Redshift.


libexec/spade_parse --config <file>

runs a mini spade server that will read spade requests at localhost:8888 and output how it parsed them.


see License