Modified version of go's encoding/json library which allows decoding to a Node struct with offset information

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This is a fork of go's encoding/json library. It adds the a third target for unmarshalling, json.Node.
Unmarshalling to a Node behaves similarilarly to unmarshalling to an interface{}, except it also records
the offsets for the start and end of the value that was unmarshalled and, if the value was part of a json
object, it also records the offsets of the start and end of the object's key. The Value field of the Node
will be unmarshalled to the same types as if it were an interface{}, except in the case of arrays and
objects. In those case it will be unmarshalled to a []Node or map[string]Node instead []interface{} or
map[string]interface{} for arrays and objects, respectively.

There are two branchs, go15 and go16. go15 contains the modified go1.5 library and go16 contains the
modified go1.6 library.