Main alamatic repository

go get



Alamatic is (or, at least, will hopefully grow to become) a programming language intended to be a good fit for rapid development of embedded applications for microcontroller platforms like Arduino.

It's currently very early in development, and many language features are only implemented partially. The language design itself is also in flux.

Dev Environment Setup

The compiler is written in Go, targeting Go 1.4. The following instructions assume you already have a working Go 1.4 development environment.

You can install the compiler as you might expect:

  • go get

The compiler depends on [Ragel]( for its scanner component. If you're on a recent version of Ubuntu you can install this from the main repositories:

  • sudo apt-get install ragel

We also use stringer:

  • go get
  • go install

After you've installed the compiler packets into your GOPATH it's necessary to generate some files within the tokenizer:

  • go generate

The compiler is not yet complete enough to use directly, but you can run the tests:

  • go test