mean, median, mode, min, max, standard deviation, etc.

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Highly optimized functions for statistical analysis.

StdDev returns both standard deviation and mean, just in case the mean is useful. The standard deviation function is extremely highly optimized.

TrimmedMeanInt is particularly useful for when a real-world average is needed.

JumpPoint returns the original index and value at the point of greatest increase. This was originally developed while writing Frankenstein DBR in an effort to separate pages into two groups depending on their level of content, but in the end it wasn't used.


func MeanInt(ar []int) int
func MedianInt(ar []int) int
func ModeInt(ar []int)
func TrimmedMeanInt(ar []int) int
func MinInt(ar []int) int
func MaxInt(ar []int) (m int)
func SumInt(ar []int) (n int)

func MeanFloat(ar []float64) float64
func MedianFloat(ar []float64)
func ModeFloat(ar []float64) float64
func TrimmedMeanFloat(ar []float64)
func MinFloat(ar []float64) float64
func MaxFloat(ar []float64) (m float64)
func SumFloat(ar []float64) (n float64)

func StdDev(a []float64) (float64, float64)
func JumpPoint(ar []int) (int, int)