Build and (re)start go web apps after saving/creating/deleting source files.

go get


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Development by the original Fresh creator seems to have slowed down a lot with important pull requests waiting for many months to be reviewed and merged, while we're waiting for Fresh2 to be released.

I will be cherry-picking commits from all the forks just to have a better, more up to date version. Unless I stumble upon something affecting me personally I don't intend to put significant amount of time into improving this already great tool. On day one I rewrote config handling, added multiple directory watching and excluding directories from being watched

I promise to be very responsive reviewing and accepting (or rejecting) pull requests.


Fresh is a command line tool that builds and (re)starts your web application every time you save a Go or template file.

If the web framework you are using supports the Fresh runner, it will show build errors on your browser.

It has been tested with:


go get


cd /path/to/myapp

Start fresh:


Fresh will watch for file events, and every time you create/modifiy/delete a file it will build and restart the application. If go build returns an error, it will log it in the tmp folder.

Traffic already has a middleware that shows the content of that file if it is present. This middleware is automatically added if you run a Traffic web app in dev mode with Fresh. Check the _examples folder if you want to use it with Martini or Gocraft Web.

fresh uses toml configuration files. ./runner.conf is loaded by default (if it exists), but you may specify an alternative config filepath using -c:

fresh -c other_runner.conf

Here is a sample config file with the default settings:

root              = "."
tmp_path          = "./tmp"
build_name        = "runner-build"
build_log         = "runner-build-errors.log"
valid_ext         = [".go", ".tpl", ".tmpl", ".html"]
build_delay       = 600
colors            = 1
log_color_main    = "cyan"
log_color_build   = "yellow"
log_color_runner  = "green"
log_color_watcher = "magenta"
log_color_app     = ""

fresh accepts custom build flags that are passed to build command of the watched code. To add them use -b:

fresh -b "--race -tags 'tag1'"

fresh accepts custom run arguments that are passed to built binary when starting it. To add them use -r:

fresh -r "-configFile ../config/testing.conf"

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