Minimum docker image from busybox for influxdb

go get


DockerHub repo

docker pull allen13/influxdb-min

Minimum docker image from busybox for influxdb

It builds two images, first influxdb-build, and then influxdb-min by running influxdb-build.

You should see some outputs similar to:

Successfully built c2a85185ca6f
REPOSITORY             TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             VIRTUAL SIZE
influxdb-min           latest              c0f1eba0f177        7 minutes ago       18.02 MB
influxdb-build         latest              65fe5c5e641b        7 minutes ago       1.526 GB

Runtime configuration templating through environment variables

Currently supported variables:

docker run -d \
-e SEED="master:8090" \
-e HOSTNAME="localhost" \

Add more substitutions to run_influxdb as needed.

Interacting with the image locally

Use the Makefile for convienient local interactions:

  • make or make build - build image
  • make deploy - detached image deploy
  • make test - test deployed image
  • make destroy - destroy deployed image
  • make shell - go interactive with the ash shell