Fairly general building blocks used in Arista Go code and open-sourced for the benefit of all.

go get


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Helper functions to work with the reflect package. Contains ForceExport(), which bypasses the check in reflect.Value that prevents accessing unexported attributes.


Provides access to a fast monotonic clock source, to fill in the gap in the Go standard library, which lacks one. Don't use time.Now() in code that needs to time things or otherwise assume that time passes at a constant rate, instead use monotime.Now().


See the cmd directory.


Provides ListenTCPWithTOS(), which is a replacement for net.ListenTCP() that allows specifying the ToS (Type of Service), to specify DSCP / ECN / class of service flags to use for incoming connections. Requires go1.9.


Provides common types used across various Arista projects. The type key.Key is used to work around the fact that Go can't let one use a non-hashable type as a key to a map. Because we often use a map[string]interface{} (or other non-hashable type) as a key to a map, the type key.Map is used to represent a map that can store both natively hashable and non-hashable types alike. To do this, a non-hashable type must have a custom Hash() method defined. The type key.Path is the representation of a path broken down into individual elements, where each element is a key.Key. The type key.Pointer represents a pointer to a key.Path.


Provides functions that can be used to manipulate key.Path objects. The type path.Map may be used for mapping paths to values. It allows for some fuzzy matching for paths containing path.Wildcard keys.


A client for LANZ streaming servers. It connects to a LANZ streaming server, listens for notifications, decodes them and sends the LANZ protobuf on the provided channel.


A library to help expose monitoring metrics on top of the expvar infrastructure.


netns.Do(namespace, cb) provides a handy mechanism to execute the given callback cb in the given network namespace.


This is a influxdb library that provides easy methods of connecting to, writing to, and reading from the service.


This is a Go library to help in writing unit tests.