Minecraft Beta multiplayer server

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C(o o)O     C H U N K Y   M O N K E Y
  (.)   \
 w====m==|       minecraft server

Chunky Monkey is a Minecraft multiplayer server. It is licensed under the MIT open source license, please see the LICENSE file for more information.



This fork of Chunky Monkey is more or less the third revision. The last version was abandonded around Minecraft 1.1. The goal of this fork is to update the source to work with Minecraft 1.5 and then start a period of consistent releases and upgrades to maintain this source. The overal goal is a decent replacement of the vanilla minecraft server that implements a smart and easy to use scripting system, benchmarks faster, and performs better.


  • 100% compatibility with Minecraft spec
  • Optimized, fast, smart, and scriptable server
  • Support for go-get


The Go toolchain must be installed. Note that chunkymonkey is developed against the current stable release of the Go toolchain, so might not compile against the weekly releases (gofix might be able to fix such cases).

Building & Testing

Godag is used to build chunkymonkey. Install it, and run:

$ make

If you are developing, you are encouraged to run the unit tests with:

$ make test

The unit tests require GoMock to be installed.


Serve up a single player world (Warning: dont do this on worlds you like, we might destroy them by accident D:):

$ bin/chunkymonkey ~/.minecraft/saves/World1
2010/10/03 16:32:13 Listening on  :25565