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Drone onboard

sing raspberry pi to control drone matrix 100.


DJI_Pro_Control_Management_CallBack,line 523, there is unkown error,ack=0x0

Switch control mode pin to P and then back to F

No Response -- 374

Make sure the API Control checkbox is enabled on the N1 Assistant.

DJI_Pro_Control_Management_CallBack,line 523, there is unkown error,ack=0xFF00

This error seems to be related to incorrect key. Make sure your key variable don't get deallcated for some reason, that would cause the activate_data_t.app_key lose its value, and that will make your life miserable.

Cross Compilers


Download and install gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-raspbian-2014.05_mac


$ sudo apt-get install g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf

For more information on cross compiling ARM from MacOS see


The following command compiles the program targeting RaspberryPI ARM architecture.

$ make

Configuring SSH keys

The following command will configure your ~/.ssh/config file with SSH information for our raspberry1 and raspberry2 devices.

$ make ssh

In case you need to change the IP addresses for the Raspberry PIs, you can do so by editing the file ssh-config/config.

Deploying the generated binary to Raspberry PI devices

The following command deploys the binary to the device configured as raspberry1 in your ~/.ssh/config file.

$ make deploy

In case you want to deploy the binary to raspberry2, run:

$ make DEPLOY_TARGET=raspberry2 deploy