The Catalyze CLI [Deprecated]

go get


Catalyze CLI

This CLI is written in Go. The move to Go allows us to support a larger variety of platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

To learn more about the new CLI and all the great features we've added, we recommend reading the documentation.

Check out the releases page or check below to download the right version for your platform.

Automatic Updates

Once downloaded, the CLI will automatically update itself when a new version becomes available. However you can always check out the latest release here.

PLEASE NOTE You must put the CLI binary in a location for which you have write permissions. Without write permissions, the CLI will not automatically update and you will have to update manually by visiting the github repo and downloading the latest binary.

Version 3.1.5

Due to changes to Catalyze's API and authentication, existing environment associations need to be recreated if you have previously made them with an earlier version of the CLI (< 3.0)

To disassociate environments go here

To reassociate environments, go here

For all 64 bit users, choose the amd64 version of your OS. For all 32 bit users, choose the 386 version of your OS.

Warning: The ARM version of our cli is purely presented here for people who are interested, we will not work to fix any bugs it might have.

Darwin (Apple Mac)


MS Windows