A command line tool to convert JSON to XML

go get


JSON to XML Command Line Application.

This a tool that will take JSON over STDIN and convert it to XML to STDOUT. This tool is written in Go. You can install the Go language from and compile this to your operating system.

You can build it locally using go build jsontoxml.go which will build an executable. If you need to cross compile for a different platform that is really easy for Go see below. For example, you have a windows machine and need to compile a Linux executable, Go makes this possible.

Cross Compile

For a better example of cross compilation in Go, see Dave Cheney's post at

Here is a command I use to compile from OSX to an 64 bit Linux executable. This will produce a single binary that can be deployed and it includes all dependencies.

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -o jsontoxml jsontoxml.go

There is NO need to install anything else but the artifact produced. The -o jsontoxml controls the executable name. So if you want the executable to be called superduper-jsontoxml you would just use that for the -o parameters.


See the downloads folder for cross compiled executables built with gox.


You can pipe in a file to the application like this:

In this example we are using the go run command which compiles then runs.

cat ~/Downloads/test.json | go run jsontoxml.go

In this example we assume we compiled a binary to jsontoxml and call it with some parameters.

./jsontoxml '{"foo":"bar"}'