Package elastic provides an interface to the Elasticsearch server ( The first thing you do is to create a Client. If you have Elasticsearch installed and running with its default settings (i.e. available at, all you need to do is: If your Elasticsearch server is running on a different IP and/or port, just provide a URL to NewClient: You can pass many more configuration parameters to NewClient. Review the documentation of NewClient for more information. If no Elasticsearch server is available, services will fail when creating a new request and will return ErrNoClient. A Client provides services. The services usually come with a variety of methods to prepare the query and a Do function to execute it against the Elasticsearch REST interface and return a response. Here is an example of the IndexExists service that checks if a given index already exists. Look up the documentation for Client to get an idea of the services provided and what kinds of responses you get when executing the Do function of a service. Also see the wiki on Github for more details. Copyright 2012-present Oliver Eilhard. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-license. See for details.

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