WebSocket package for Go(go programing language) fasthttp.

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Gorilla WebSocket

Gorilla WebSocket is a Go implementation of the WebSocket protocol.

This fork adds support for the Go HTTP package fasthttp, which is a high performance, byte slice oriented alternative to net/http.

Note that

The original repo is Gorilla WebSocket, and this project is fork from leavengood/websocket. I am not the author, I just removed the supported for net/http, improved the Upgrader and provided some examples for fasthttp.



The Gorilla WebSocket package provides a complete and tested implementation of the WebSocket protocol. The package API is stable.


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Protocol Compliance

The Gorilla WebSocket package passes the server tests in the Autobahn Test Suite using the application in the examples/autobahn subdirectory.

Gorilla WebSocket compared with other packages
RFC 6455 Features
Passes Autobahn Test Suite Yes No
Receive fragmented message Yes No, see note 1
Send close message Yes No
Send pings and receive pongs Yes No
Get the type of a received data message Yes Yes, see note 2
Other Features
Limit size of received message Yes No
Read message using io.Reader Yes No, see note 3
Write message using io.WriteCloser Yes No, see note 3


  1. Large messages are fragmented in Chrome's new WebSocket implementation.
  2. The application can get the type of a received data message by implementing a Codec marshal function.
  3. The io.Reader and io.Writer operate across WebSocket frame boundaries. Read returns when the input buffer is full or a frame boundary is encountered. Each call to Write sends a single frame message. The Gorilla io.Reader and io.WriteCloser operate on a single WebSocket message.