Internal API to access the database for Diego.

go get


BBS Server GoDoc

API to access the database for Diego.

A general overview of the BBS is documented here.


To interact with the BBS from outside of Diego, use the methods provided on the ExternalClient interface, documented here.

Components within Diego may use the full Client interface to modify internal state.

Code Generation

You need the 3.0 version of the protoc compiler. If you're a Homebrew user on Mac OS X, you get that by running:

brew install protobuf --devel

If you already have an older version of protobuf installed, you will have to uninstall it first: brew uninstall protobuf

You also need the gogoproto compiler in you path:

go install

We generate code from the .proto (protobuf) files. We also generate a set of fakes from the interfaces we have. To do so, just use go generate.

go generate ./...


See the instructions in Running the Experimental SQL Unit Tests for testing against a SQL backend