Generate XML decoding structs from an XSD schema

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Goxsd is a tool for generating XML decoding Go structs from an XSD schema specification. It does not yet implement the full XSD specificaiton, but goes sufficiently far to be useful for at least some use cases.


go install


goxsd will default its output to stdout if an output file name is not given. Apart from a destination file, goxsd also accepts an export flag to toggle generation of exported struct names on (default is to generate unexported structs), and a prefix to be prepended to each struct name.

Any import statement in the XSD will be parsed and followed, interpreting the path as relative to the current XSD file.

Usage: goxsd [options] <xsd_file>

  -o <file>     Destination file [default: stdout]
  -p <package>  Package name [default: goxsd]
  -e            Generate exported structs [default: false]
  -x <prefix>   Struct name prefix [default: ""]

goxsd is a tool for generating XML decoding/encoding Go structs, according
to an XSD schema.


  • Complete handling of more XSD elements is needed

  • XSD namespaces are currently completely ignored, opening for undefined behavior if two namespaces are parsed with conflicting element- or type names.

  • At some point, I would also like to generate validation code, that could check various rules and constraints expressed in the XSD