Gathers system and per process statistics

go get


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Go sigar is a golang implementation of the sigar API. The Go version of sigar has a very similar interface, but is being written from scratch in pure go/cgo, rather than cgo bindings for libsigar.

Test drive

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go build
$ ./ps

Supported platforms

The features vary by operating system.

Feature Linux Darwin Windows OpenBSD
Cpu X X X X
CpuList X X X
FileSystemList X X X X
FileSystemUsage X X X X
LoadAverage X X X
Mem X X X X
ProcArgs X X X
ProcExe X X
ProcList X X X
ProcMem X X X
ProcState X X X
ProcTime X X X
Swap X X X
Uptime X X X


Apache 2.0