LISP dialect implemented in Go

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This is a LISP dialect designed as an embedded extension language for the Go programming language. It is implemented in pure Go, so it can be easily ported to all systems and architectures that Go targets.

Here is a list of what features are implemented and not implemented so far.

  • Float, Int, Char, String, Symbol, List, Array, and Hash datatypes
  • Arithmetic (+, -, *, /, mod)
  • Shift Operators (sll, srl, sra)
  • Bitwise operations (bit-and, bit-or, bit-xor)
  • Comparison operations (<, >, <=, >=, =, and not=)
  • Short-circuit boolean operators (and and or)
  • Conditionals (cond)
  • Lambdas (fn)
  • Bindings (def, defn, and let)
  • A Basic Repl
  • Tail-call optimization
  • Go API
  • Macro System
  • Syntax quoting (backticks)
  • Channel and goroutine support
  • Pre- and Post- function call hooks

The full documentation can be found in the Wiki.