Event-based people simulation, written in go

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People of Go

Event-based people simulation, written in go

People Of Go allow you to simulate randomized people behaviour. Each simulated person triggers events depending on its habits.

What is it for

People Of Go is primarily meant for company day-to-day life simulation. Events are triggered by either simulated users, cutomers or employees. The generated data then can be used to test information systems (anomaly detector for example).

Event based simulation

An event is simply an abstract set of data, plus a trigger time. It can represent absolutely any kind of event : sending a mail, buying a car and so one.

Usually, an event is triggered by a Person. It can also be labeled as belonging to a category :


Sending a mail to my colleague Pog corresponds to creating the following event :

  Family: "send email",
  Date: 27/04/2016 3pm
  Author: EricBurel,
  Data : {
    "message":"Hi Pog, how are you ?"

People of Go aims at helping you to generate this kind of event randomly, in order to benchmark applications or to generate load tests.


An habit is a way of generating a set of events.


A person is an entity that possesses personnal data and habits.


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