ev3dev is a simple interface to the Lego Mindstorms ev3 robotics platform

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ev3dev is an idiomatic Go interface to an ev3dev device

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The goal is to implement a simple Go style ev3dev API and helpers for common tasks. depends on an ev3dev kernel v3.16.7-ckt26-10-ev3dev-ev3, v4.1.21-10-ev3dev-rpi or v4.1.21-10-ev3dev-rpi2, or better (See

For device-specific functions see EV3 and BrickPi.

Currently supported:

Low level API

  • Automatic identification of attached devices
  • Buttons /dev/input/by-path/platform-gpio-keys.0-event
  • Power supply /sys/class/power_supply
  • LED /sys/class/leds
  • LCD /dev/fb0
  • Lego Port /sys/class/lego-port
  • Sensor /sys/class/lego-sensor
  • DC motor /sys/class/dc-motor
  • Linear actuator /sys/class/tacho-motor
  • Servo motor /sys/class/servo-motor
  • Tacho motor /sys/class/tacho-motor

Common tasks

None yet.

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