Implementation of LTI v1.0 in Go.

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This project is under development. There are no API stabiltiy guarantees at this point.


Implementation of LTI 1.0 Protocol in Go.

Currently there are a few major missing features such as the implementation of Tool Consumer, common cartridge parsing, proper nonce and timestamp verification.

Tool Provider Usage

Tool Provider wraps a http.Request and provides easy access to LTI headers, Validation of LTI requests and creation of return URLS.

LTI headers are deserialized into a LTIStdHeaders struct which can be accessed from the LTIHeaders attribute of an LTIToolProvider.

func Handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

    // Create a new LTIToolProvider
    ltiRequest, err := lti.NewLTIToolProvider(r)

    // Validate LTI request
    valid, err := ltiRequest.ValidateRequest(secretKey, false, false)

    if valid == true {

        // Access some LTI Header

    } else {

        // Redirect to return URL
        returnUrl, _ = ltiRequest.CreateReturnURL()
        http.Redirect(w, r, returnUrl.String(), http.StatusMovedPermanently)