I Love Indexes About This project is about massive information indexation.

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I Love Indexes


This project is about massive information indexation. We wanted to be able to get data from "Index Of" pages, you know, the default file listing pages of most web servers. Our goal was to aggregate several of these websites and to make real time searches in them.

It is hosted here: Before making searches and having fun, please read the following.

Application structure

The application has the following structure.


The first component of the project (written in Go, of course) is a simple HTTP API, designed to submit and list "Index Of"pages and overall, to request search results.


One (little) page application, making async requests to the API. We'd have liked to write this in Go, but is not mature enough to build something consistent during a 2-days hackathon.


Its job is to crawl the websites received by the API. Both programs are communicating thank to the package, using a redis backend. The API send crawling tasks to the Crawler which handles them.

The crawler send indexation data to Elasticsearch in order to be able to query it later.


What can you do with this stuff?!

  • Add an "Index Of"-like website. We are currently supporting (and parsing HTTP with of 3 different web servers:

    • Apache
    • Nginx
    • Lighttpd

    → Example: (it has already been crawled, too bad, you'll get a validation error if you try to add it.)

  • Website is crawled recursively and titles of every file is indexed (after sanitizing for Elasticsearch, because the way ES tokenize strings can be a bit tricky)

  • When you click in the "list" icon on the website, you get the list of all the indexed websites, and the count of indexed files.

  • Writing in the search field trigger a fuzzy search among all the indexed content and return in a paginated way the results.

  • You can also use regexp over the filenames, try .*\.mkv for instance

  • If you are looking for a particular type of files, we are making category sorting: audio, video, ebook, it will automatically restrain your search scope to this category

  • For MP3s, we download the first KB of the file then break the connection with the webserver to reduce the bandwidth consumption.

  • For all the network related operation, there is a threashold of the maximal number of connections per host, as a result no one get DoS-ed.


With the original soundtrack of (Inglorious Basterds)[]

You can search for basterds and find all the different songs of the album, but as we are doing fuzzy matching, you can make typos and type bastrd, it will still work!

You can have an insight of its power there: mp3 headers have been fetched to get their metadata.


Of course, we do not encourage piracy, this project has been built for the technical challenge first, and to have fun.