Tiny wrapper for cli workers

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Simple wrapper for long-running applications with some helpful features:

  • All events delegated to executing code
  • Wrapper registers OS signals listener for following events:
    • SIGTERM and SIGINT - used to gracefully shutdown application if it possible
    • SIGHUP
    • SIGUSR1 - prints current heap allocations and various application info
    • SIGUSR2 - runs garbage collection
  • Wrapper provides logging API and parses incoming arguments to determine verbosity
    • -q or --quiet - no output
    • -v or --verbose - verbose output


package main

import ''

func main() {
    worker.StartCtx(workFunc, true)

func workFunc(ctx worker.Context) error {
    ctx.Info("Starting application")
    running := true
    // Registering event listeners
    go func() {
        for evt := range ctx.Env().Events {
            if evt == worker.EventShutdown {
                // Shutdown event
                running = false
    } ()
    // Main job
    for running {
        // BL goes here
    ctx.Info("Application done")
    return nil


All events are plain integers

  • worker.EventShutdown - used for both SIGTERM and SIGINT
  • worker.EventReload - stands for SIGHUP
  • worker.EventInfo - stands for SIGUSR1
  • worker.EventGarbageCollect - stands for SIGUSR2

Available start initializers


func StartCtx(f func(ctx Context) error, blocking bool) error

  • Takes function to execute as first argument.
  • If blocking set to true locks current goroutine until provided function done (recommended)


Start(f func(chan int) error, blocking bool) error

  • chan int, supplied to first argument function, is events channel
  • If blocking set to true locks current goroutine until provided function done (recommended)


func Exec(f func() error) error

Runs provided function without any event delivery


func Loop(f func() error, blocking bool) error

Runs provided function in loop until shutdown event received