Web development with isomorphic Go

go get



Wade.Go is an upcoming brand new way to develop web sites and applications. It's a client-centric web development library, but NOT for Javascript!

Isomorphic Javascript is cool but what could be better than that? Isomorphic Go.

  • Isomorphism: Write ui/client once, in Go and HTML, render seemlessly on both client and server (no SEO problems). Go code is transpiled to Javascript on browser.
  • Pleasure: Modern React-like development model, in Go (strict types ftw!).
  • Maintainability: No more maintainability headache like with Javascript, and we could go easy on tests. It helps tremendously to have strict typing and a nice compiler, especially for large projects.
  • Convenience: Easy collaboration between client and server since they use the same great programming language.

Development Status

  • Mar 12, 2015: Iteration 5 starts.
  • May 03, 2015: Core rendering and template/component functionalities working. Still early stage, not yet have end-to-end tests for the DOM diff engine.

Run the test app

Make sure you have a working Go installation and Gopherjs, then

  1. go get -u
  2. Install fuel the code generator: go get
  3. Go to "browser_tests/worklog/main" and run fuel serve
  4. Use browser to go to localhost:7000 (or whatever port printed by fuel serve)


Wade.Go is BSD licensed