Package tcell provides a lower-level, portable API for building programs that interact with terminals or consoles. It works with both common (and many uncommon!) terminals or terminal emulators, and Windows console implementations. It provides support for up to 256 colors, text attributes, and box drawing elements. A database of terminals built from a real terminfo database is provided, along with code to generate new database entries. Tcell offers very rich support for mice, dependent upon the terminal of course. (Windows, XTerm, and iTerm 2 are known to work very well.) If the environment is not Unicode by default, such as an ISO8859 based locale or GB18030, Tcell can convert input and outupt, so that your terminal can operate in whatever locale is most convenient, while the application program can just assume "everything is UTF-8". Reasonable defaults are used for updating characters to something suitable for display. Unicode box drawing characters will be converted to use the alternate character set of your terminal, if native conversions are not available. If no ACS is available, then some ASCII fallbacks will be used. A rich set of keycodes is supported, with support for up to 65 function keys, and various other special keys.

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