APM is a process manager for Golang applications.

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A(guia) P(rocess) M(anager)

APM - Aguia Process Manager

APM is a lightweight process manager written in Golang for Golang applications. It helps you keep your applications alive forever, to reload and start them from the source code.

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Starting an application is easy:

$ ./apm bin app-name --source=""

This will basically compile your project source code and start it as a daemon in the background.

Install APM

$ go get

Start APM

$ apm serve

If not config file is provided, it will default to a folder '.apmenv' where apm is first started.

Stop APM

$ apm serve-stop

Main features

Commands overview

$ apm serve --config-file="config/file/path.toml"
$ apm serve-stop --config-file="config/file/path.toml"

$ apm bin app-name --source=""   # Compile, start, daemonize and auto restart application.
$ apm start app-name                                        # Start, daemonize and auto restart application.
$ apm restart app-name                                      # Restart a previously saved process
$ apm stop app-name                                         # Stop application.
$ apm delete app-name                                       # Delete application forever.

$ apm save                                                  # Save current process list
$ apm resurrect                                             # Restore previously saved processes

$ apm status                                                # Display status for each app.

### Managing process via HTTP

You can also use all of the above commands via HTTP requests. Just set the flag ```--dns``` together with ```./apm serve``` and then you can use a remote client to start, stop, delete and query status for each app.