Hyperledger Fabric is an enterprise-grade permissioned distributed ledger framework for developing solutions and applications. Its modular and versatile design satisfies a broad range of industry use cases. It offers a unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale while preserving privacy.

blockchain, confidentiality, consensus, distributed-ledger, fabric, hyperledger
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Note: This is a read-only mirror of the formal Gerrit repository, where active development is ongoing. Issue tracking is handled in Jira

Incubation Notice

This project is a Hyperledger project in Incubation. It was proposed to the community and documented here. Information on what Incubation entails can be found in the Hyperledger Project Lifecycle document.

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Hyperledger fabric

The fabric is an implementation of blockchain technology, leveraging familiar and proven technologies. It is a modular architecture allowing pluggable implementations of various function. It features powerful container technology to host any mainstream language for smart contracts development.

Documentation, Getting Started and Developer Guides

This is a read-only mirror of the formal Gerrit repository, please visit our online documentation for information on getting started using and developing with the fabric, SDK and chaincode.


We welcome contributions to the Hyperledger Project in many forms. There’s always plenty to do! Full details of how to contribute to this project are documented here.


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The Hyperledger Project uses the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.