Harbor Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server.

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Project Harbor is an enterprise-class registry server. It extends the open source Docker Registry server by adding more functionalities usually required by an enterprise. Harbor is designed to be deployed in a private environment of an organization. A private registry is important for organizations who care much about security. In addition, a private registry improves productivity by eliminating the need to download images from public network. This is very helpful to container users who do not have a good network to the Internet. For example, Harbor accelerates the progress of Chinese developers, because they no longer need to pull images from the Internet.


  • Role Based Access Control: Users and docker repositories are organized via "projects", a user can have differernt permission for images under a namespace.
  • Graphical user portal: User can easily browse, search docker repositories, manage projects/namepaces.
  • AD/LDAP support: Harbor integrates with existing AD/LDAP of enterprise for user authentication and management.
  • Audting: All the operations to the repositories are tracked and can be used for auditing purpose.
  • Internationalization: Localized for English and Chinese languages. More languages can be added.
  • RESTful API: RESTful APIs are provided for most administrative operations of Harbor. The integration with other management software becomes easy.

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Harbor is self-contained and can be easily deployed via docker-compose.

System requirements:
Harbor only works with docker 1.8+ and docker-compose 1.6.0+ . The host must be connected to the Internet.

  1. Get the source code:

    $ git clone
  2. Edit the file Deploy/harbor.cfg, make necessary configuration changes such as host name, admin password and mail server. Refer to Installation Guide for more info.

  3. Install Harbor by the following commands. It may take a while for the docker-compose process to finish.

    $ cd Deploy
    $ ./prepare
    Generated configuration file: ./config/ui/env
    Generated configuration file: ./config/ui/app.conf
    Generated configuration file: ./config/registry/config.yml
    Generated configuration file: ./config/db/env
    $ docker-compose up

    If everything works fine, you can open a browser to visit the admin portal at: http://yourhostname . The default administrator username and password is admin/Harbor12345 .

To simplify the installation process, a pre-built installation package of Harbor is provided so that you don't need to clone the source code. By using this package, you can even install Harbor onto a host that is not connected to the Internet. For details on how to download and use this installation package, please refer to Installation Guide .

For information on how to use Harbor, please see User Guide .


We welcome contributions from the community. If you wish to contribute code, we require that you first sign our Contributor License Agreement and return a copy to before we can merge your contribution.


Harbor is available under the Apache 2 license.