Decoder/parser of Blizzard's StarCraft II replay file format (*.SC2Replay)

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Package s2prot is a decoder/parser of Blizzard's StarCraft II replay file format (*.SC2Replay).

s2prot processes the "raw" data that can be decoded from replay files using an MPQ parser such as

The package is safe for concurrent use.

High-level Usage


The package s2prot/rep provides enumerations and types to model data structures of StarCraft II replays (*.SC2Replay) decoded by the s2prot package. These provide a higher level overview and much easier to use.

The below example code can be found in

To open and parse a replay:

import ""

r, err := rep.NewFromFile("../../mpq/reps/lotv.SC2Replay")
if err != nil {
    fmt.Println("%v\n", err)
defer r.Close()

And that's all! We now have all the info from the replay! Printing some of it:

fmt.Printf("Version:        %v\n", r.Header.VersionString())
fmt.Printf("Loops:          %d\n", r.Header.Loops())
fmt.Printf("Length:         %v\n", r.Header.Duration())
fmt.Printf("Map:            %s\n", r.Details.Title())
fmt.Printf("Game events:    %d\n", len(r.GameEvts))
fmt.Printf("Message events: %d\n", len(r.MessageEvts))
fmt.Printf("Tracker events: %d\n", len(r.TrackerEvts))

for _, p := range r.Details.Players() {
    fmt.Printf("\tName: %-20s, Race: %c, Team: %d, Result: %v\n",
        p.Name, p.Race().Letter, p.TeamId()+1, p.Result())


Loops:          13804
Length:         14m22.75s
Map:            Magma Mines
Game events:    10461
Message events: 32
Tracker events: 1758
    Name: <NoGy>IMBarabba     , Race: P, Team: 1, Result: Defeat
    Name: <NoGy>Nova          , Race: T, Team: 1, Result: Defeat
    Name: <9KingS>BiC         , Race: T, Team: 2, Result: Victory
    Name: <9KingS>DakotaFannin, Race: P, Team: 2, Result: Victory

Tip: the Struct type defines a String() method which returns a nicely formatted JSON representation; this is what most type are "made of":

fmt.Printf("Full Header:\n%v\n", r.Header)


Full Header:
  "dataBuildNum": 42253,
  "elapsedGameLoops": 13804,
  "ngdpRootKey": {
    "data": "\ufffd \ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd]\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd"
  "replayCompatibilityHash": {
    "data": "\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd'⌂\u001fv\ufffd%\rEĪѓX"
  "signature": "StarCraft II replay\u001b11",
  "type": 2,
  "useScaledTime": true,
  "version": {
    "baseBuild": 42253,
    "build": 42253,
    "flags": 1,
    "major": 3,
    "minor": 2,
    "revision": 2

Low-level Usage


The below example code can be found in

To use s2prot, we need an MPQ parser to get content from a replay.

import ""

m, err := mpq.NewFromFile("../../mpq/reps/automm.SC2Replay")
if err != nil {
defer m.Close()

Replay header (which is the MPQ User Data) can be decoded by s2prot.DecodeHeader(). Printing replay version:

header := s2prot.DecodeHeader(m.UserData())
ver := header.Structv("version")
fmt.Printf("Version: %d.%d.%d.%d\n",
    ver.Int("major"), ver.Int("minor"), ver.Int("revision"), ver.Int("build"))
// Output: "Version:"

Base build is part of the replay header:

baseBuild := int(ver.Int("baseBuild"))
fmt.Printf("Base build: %d\n", baseBuild)
// Output: "Base build: 32283"

Which can be used to obtain the proper instance of Protocol:

p := s2prot.GetProtocol(baseBuild)
if p == nil {
    panic("Unknown base build!")

Which can now be used to decode all other info in the replay. To decode the Details and print the map name:

detailsData, err := m.FileByName("replay.details")
if err != nil {
details := p.DecodeDetails(detailsData)
fmt.Println("Map name:", details.Stringv("title"))
// Output: "Map name: Hills of Peshkov"

Tip: We can of course print the whole decoded header which is a Struct:

fmt.Printf("Full Header:\n%v\n", header)

Which yields a JSON text similar to the one posted above (at High-level Usage).

Information sources


Open-sourced under the Apache License 2.0.