Non official Golang library for JustWatch API

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Unofficial JustWatch API

Unofficial Golang library for JustWatch API


This is not the official JustWatch API. JustWatch doesn't offer an open API and doesn't plan to do this in the future.

The work of many developers went and is still going into the development and maintenance of the data and the API. JustWatch's main business is to operate a streaming guide with apps for iOS and Android. They offer the data for business intelligence and marketing. Therefore it is prohibited to use the API for commercial use (consumer service, data science, business intelligence, etc.). It is ok to use the API for private projects, but please be respectful with your API calls to not put too much load on the API. The API is not supported in any way and will change frequently without warning.

If you would like to work with JustWatch and use the data/API please get in contact with them via Currently, JustWatch can only work with bigger partners and clients. JustWatch is also hiring: and has some interesting open source projects:

## ToDo

  • Improve testing
  • Cinema API
  • Search by title