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An implementation of the DAG Protobuf for the go-ipld-prime library

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The package adds Dag Protobuf support to go-ipld-prime. It is designed primarily as an adjunct to go-ipld-prime to enable using selectors and Graphsync, features which are unique to go-ipld-prime, with UnixFS v1 files encoded in protobuf.

go-ipld-prime-proto is primarily used to run selectors against Dag Protobuf encoded IPLD Graphs. It does not include robust facilities to support actual creation of DAG protobuf nodes, and none of the actual features for working with files contained in UnixFS. However, it can read, traverse and copy UnixFS data, which is what you need to run selectors and graphsync against existing UnixFS data.


go-ipld-prime-proto requires Go >= 1.13 and can be installed using Go modules


To run a selector traversal against a graph encoded in Dag-Protobuf, you need to configure it with a custom NodeBuilderChooser. The simplest way to create such a node builder chooser is to take an existing function and pass it to AddDagPBSupportToChooser. This will add support for Dag Protobuf and Raw node encodings, the two types required by UnixFS.


var existing traversal.NodeBuilderChooser = func(ipld.Link, ipld.LinkContext) ipld.NodeBuilder {
	return ipldfree.NodeBuilder()
var pbChooser traversal.NodeBuilderChooser = 

var selector selector.Selector
var loader ipld.Loader
var unixfsCid cid.Cid

// Load the first node
unixFSRootNode, err := cidlink.Link{Cid: unixfsCid}.Load(ipld.LinkContext{}, dagpb.PBNode__NodeBuilder(), loader)

// execute the traversal
err = traversal.Progress{
  Cfg: &traversal.Config{
    LinkLoader:             loader,
    LinkNodeBuilderChooser: pbChooser,
}.WalkAdv(unixFSRootNode, allSelector, func(pg traversal.Progress, nd ipld.Node, r traversal.VisitReason) error {
  // do something with your traversed nodes here

All so checkout unixfs_test.go for good example of a complete setup with UnixFS files.


PRs are welcome!

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This library is dual-licensed under Apache 2.0 and MIT terms.

Copyright 2019. Protocol Labs, Inc.