Golang Bolt driver for Neo4j

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Golang Neo4J Bolt Driver

Implements the Neo4J Bolt Protocol specification: As of the time of writing this, the current version is v3.1.0-M02

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Please see the statement tests for example usage

This implementation attempts to follow the best practices as per the Bolt specification, but also implements compatibility with Golang's sql.driver interface.

As such, these interfaces closely match the sql.driver interfaces, but they also provide Neo4j Bolt specific functionality in addition to the sql.driver interface.

It is recommended that you use the Neo4j Bolt-specific interfaces if possible. The implementation is more efficient and can more closely support the Neo4j Bolt feature set.

Some compromises had to be made in order to support the sql.driver interface. For example, in order to pass values using the proper driver.Value interface, any data types that don't support that interface must be marshalled/unmarshalled using the provided encoder/decoder in the encoding package.

You can get logs from the driver by setting the log level using the log packages SetLevel.

Dev Quickstart

# No special build steps necessary
go build

# Testing with log info and a local bolt DB, getting coverage output
BOLT_DRIVER_LOG=info NEO4J_BOLT=bolt://localhost:7687 go test -coverprofile=./tmp/cover.out -coverpkg=./... -v && go tool cover -html=./tmp/cover.out

The tests are written in an integration testing style. Most of them are in the statement tests, but should be made more granular in the future.


  • More convenient Query/Exec methods on conn
  • Connection pooling for driver when not using SQL interface
  • Cypher Parser to implement NumInput and pre-flight checking
  • More Tests