A 3pc protocol implemented in go.

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A three phase commit protocol implementation in go (golang).

For a description of the platform, see the writeup in docs/.


The easiest way to build is to run with make or just download the full repository which contains executables for Windows, Mac and Linux in the build/ directory.

To speed up compile times you can select an architecture by running make windows_dist, make darwin_dist, or make linux_dist.


There are two ways of testing the software, one is running an interactive server the other is the demonstration program.

You can validate the code itself by running go test ./checkup/ ./threephase/ in the project root folder.

To test the actual program, you can run the server generated in the build directory. The following setup would run three servers on :8000, :8001, and :8002

./server 1 localhost:8000 localhost:8001 localhost:8002
./server 2 localhost:8000 localhost:8001 localhost:8002
./server 3 localhost:8000 localhost:8001 localhost:8002

You can access the servers at http://localhost:800X/. The root page will give information about the items on the server and the status of its peers. If you navigate to http://localhost:800X/log/MYSTRING it will replicate MYSTRING across the nodes.

If you want to try slamming the server with requests, you can use the hammer executable:

./hammer --seconds 1 --threads 5 localhost:8000

This will "hammer" localhost:8000 with requests for 1 second from 5 threads.