simple web app made in go. just for fun

go get


Golang webapp example

It contains a few thoughts about my Golang studies, such as challenges and cool stuff I'm doing =)


1. GOPATH Conflicts

The first version of the app was the implementation of the Google App Engine tutorial, it was a simple app with all the logic in the same file. The first challenge was separating it's logic in a kind of MVC structure. For some reason I didn't understand quite right yet, Google App Engine copies all source code to where app.yaml is and it generates a conflict.


go-app-builder: Failed parsing input: app file <file_name>.go conflicts with same file imported from GOPATH


The solution I found was to add the app.yaml file and an unic file that initializes the app in a single init() block. Then, separate the MVC structure in a /api directory

2. HTML file parse

I took a lot of time to figure out how to parse an extracted HTML file to use in one of the routes/controller. The solution was found in this Stack Overflow issue: