Go webapp built on Revel - Voting app for codemotion conf

docker, docker-image, go, golang, revel
go get


Welcome to Codemotion voting webapp !

This aplication is built with Revel Web framework, the Golang webframework.

Install docker and run the app with the provided image.

Install and run Mongodb in a Docker Container

docker pull mongo

docker run -i -t --name mongo_cmvoting -p 27017:27017 mongo

To check if this is working go to the database console

mongo --host (or localhost if you are not on using like me a docker-machine)`

Install and run the web app in a Docker Container

  • Clone this project

  • Build the docker image from the cm-voting directory cloned from Github

cd cm-voting

docker build -t karesti/cm_voting .
  • Run the docker image linking the already running MongoDB container
docker run -i -t -p 9000:9000 --link mongo_cmvoting:mongo karesti/cm_voting

If you are lazy :) you can execute which will execute build image and run


Or with docker-compose :

docker-compose up
  • Check if it works !

If you are running on mac like me, you might be using Docker-Machine. Instead of using localhost, you must use the IP of your host which can be retrieved via :

docker-machine ls
perso    *        virtualbox   Running   tcp://

In my case