Go by Example

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Go by Example

Content and toolchain for Go by Example.


The Go by Example site is built by extracting code & comments from source files in examples and rendering that data via the site templates. The programs implementing this build process are in tools.

The build process produces a directory of static files suitable for serving by any modern HTTP server. The Go by Example site is served by a lightweight Go server.


To build the site:

$ tools/build
$ open site/index.html

To build continuously in a loop:

$ tools/build-loop

Builds require the pygmentize binary for syntax highlighting. We suggesting using the most recent version from Bitbucket with e.g.:

$ export PATH="$HOME/repos/pygments:$PATH"


The site is served by the gobyexample-server tool. To export to this tool:

$ SITEDIR=../gobyexample-server/public tool/build


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


Thanks to Jeremy Ashkenas for Docco, which inspired this project.