Random project name generator (like Github or Heroku app names)

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Random project name generator

This is a random project name generator, written in Go. There are many libraries for this task, but most only reproduce the same list of 50 adjectives and 50 words from this gist. This means there are only 2500 combinations, and you're sharing with every other project using those lists. Other Go libraries store the list in a JSON file, which means end users need to figure out how to find/load the JSON file at runtime.

This project exposes the project-name-generator list, which is much more extensive - 1300 adjectives and 870 nouns means there are over a million possible combinations.


package main

import (

func main() {
    name := random_project_generator.Generate()
    fmt.Println(name) // "tidy-boat"
    name = random_project_generator.GenerateNumber(4)
    fmt.Println(name) // "viable-action-2183"

You can bring your own list as well, overwrite random_project_generator.Nouns or random_project_generator.Adjectives in your init function.