Find, list, and inspect processes from Go (golang)

go get


Process List Library for Go

go-ps is a library for Go that implements OS-specific APIs to list and manipulate processes in a platform-safe way. The library can find and list processes on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

If you're new to Go, this library has a good amount of advanced Go educational value as well. It uses some advanced features of Go: build tags, accessing DLL methods for Windows, cgo for Darwin, etc.

How it works:

  • Darwin uses the sysctl syscall to retrieve the process table, via cgo.
  • Unix uses the procfs at /proc to inspect the process tree.
  • Windows uses the Windows API, and methods such as CreateToolhelp32Snapshot to get a point-in-time snapshot of the process table.


Install using standard go get:

$ go get


Want to contribute? Here is a short TODO list of things that aren't implemented for this library that would be nice:

  • FreeBSD support
  • Plan9 support
  • Eliminate the need for cgo with Darwin