A cli tool to run commands concurrently: written in go

go get



A simple tool to keep track of you running tasks on terminal e.g multiple gulp or npm projects.

Structure of the tasks.yaml

project: what is the overall name of the project
working_dir: what directory to be used as the working directory
tasks: # now contains the tasks that should be run concurrently
    - name: what is the name of the of the task
      command: what command should be executed, can be a path to the executable or just a name in the $PATH env variable
      args: [arg1, arg2, arg3]
      dir: can be relative to working_dir or absolute
      tags: [tag1, tag2]

Example yml file

project: React applications
    command: &NPM npm
    args: &NPMARGS [run, build]  
    - name: newJobs
      command: *NPM
      args: *NPMARGS
      dir: "./react-apps/apps/newJobs"
      tags: [users, new]

    - name: ongoing
      command: *NPM
      args: *NPMARGS
      dir: "./react-apps/apps/ongoing"
          - users
          - ongoing

Taskfile defaults to tasks.yml, if named differently pass --taskfile

taskmanager --taskfile mytasks.yml --tags "new, users"