Steam's protocol in Go to allow automation of different actions on the Steam network without running an actual Steam client. Includes APIs for friends, chatting, trading, trade offers and TF2 crafting.

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Steam for Go

This library implements Steam's protocol to allow automation of different actions on Steam without running an actual Steam client. It is based on SteamKit2, a .NET library.

In addition, it contains APIs to Steam Community features, like trade offers and inventories.

Some of the currently implemented features:

  • Trading and trade offers, including inventories and notifications
  • Friend and group management
  • Chatting with friends
  • Persona states (online, offline, looking to trade, etc.)
  • SteamGuard with two-factor authentication
  • Team Fortress 2: Crafting, moving, naming and deleting items

If this is useful to you, there's also the go-steamapi package that wraps some of the official Steam Web API's types.


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You can view the documentation with the godoc tool or online on

You should also take a look at the following sub-packages:

Working with go-steam

Whether you want to develop your own Steam bot or directly work on go-steam itself, there are are few things to know.

  • If something is not working, check first if the same operation works (under the same conditions!) in the Steam client on that account. Maybe there's something go-steam doesn't handle correctly or you're missing a warning that's not obviously shown in go-steam. This is particularly important when working with trading since there are restrictions, for example newly authorized devices will not be able to trade for seven days.
  • Since Steam does not maintain a public API for most of the things go-steam implements, you can expect that sometimes things break randomly. Especially the trade and tradeoffer packages have been affected in the past.
  • Always gather as much information as possible. When you file an issue, be as precise and complete as you can. This makes debugging way easier.
  • If you haven't noticed yet, expect to find lots of things out yourself. Debugging can be complicated and Steam's internals are too.
  • Sometimes things break and other SteamKit ports are fixed already. Maybe take a look what people are saying over there? There's also the SteamKit IRC channel.

Updating go-steam to a new SteamKit version

To update go-steam to a new version of SteamKit, do the following:

go get
git submodule init && git submodule update
cd generator
go run generator.go clean proto steamlang

Make sure that $GOPATH/bin / protoc-gen-go is in your $PATH. You'll also need protoc, the protocol buffer compiler. At the moment, we use Protocol Buffers 2.6.1 with proco-gen-go-2402d76.

To compile the Steam Language files, you also need the .NET Framework on Windows or mono on other operating systems.

Apply the protocol changes where necessary.


Steam for Go is licensed under the New BSD License. More information can be found in LICENSE.txt.