Github CLI written in Go. Not very far along. Needed minimal fork form terminal.

go get



go-gh provides some github conveniences at the command line for a single logged in users.


go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go get ./...
go install

These commands shold download the project, change directories into the new location, download it’s dependencies and install it on the GOPATH.

It’s convenient to include $GOPATH/bin/ on you $PATH variable so that once go install has ran you have access to the new executable.


  go-gh [OPTIONS] <fork | orgs | pr>

Application Options:
      --token-file=  Name of the file containing the token. (default: ~/.go-gh-token)
      --create-conf  Create bare-bones ~/.go-gh file with guesses for some values.
      --conf-file=   Name of the file where default configuration is stored. (default: ~/.go-gh)
      --base-url=    Base url to use for rest requests. (default:

Help Options:
  -h, --help         Show this help message

Available commands:

Take note of the two optional configuration files: ~/.go-gh-token and ~/.go-gh. On eash execution the command will look for these files and if they exist use the values found in them.

~/.go-gh-token should contain a github token. While the ~/.go-gh file can contain more custom configuration information. (Most tasks will required the token have the correct permissions set.) For example:

Active = Work

Username = <user-name>
Token = <github-token>
BaseUrl =

Username = <work-user>
Token = <github-enteprise-token>
BaseUrl =


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