CommonMark-compliant markdown parser and renderer in Go. Discontinued until CommonMark 1.0

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golang-commonmark/markdown package provides CommonMark-compliant markdown parser and renderer, written in Go.


go get

You can also go get mdtool, an example command-line tool:

go get

Standards support

Currently supported CommonMark spec: v0.20.


Besides the features required by CommonMark, golang-commonmark/markdown supports:

  • Tables (GFM)
  • Strikethrough (GFM)
  • Autoconverting plain-text URLs to links
  • Typographic replacements (smart quotes and other)


md := markdown.New(markdown.XHTMLOutput(true), markdown.Nofollow(true))

Check out the source of mdtool for a more complete example.

The following options are currently supported:

Name Type Description Default
HTML bool whether to enable raw HTML false
Tables bool whether to enable GFM tables true
Linkify bool whether to autoconvert plain-text URLs to links true
Typographer bool whether to enable typographic replacements true
Quotes string double + single quote replacement pairs for the typographer “”‘’
MaxNesting int maximum nesting level 20
LangPrefix string CSS language prefix for fenced blocks language-
Breaks bool whether to convert newlines inside paragraphs into <br> false
Nofollow bool whether to add rel="nofollow" to links false
XHTMLOutput bool whether to output XHTML instead of HTML false


Rendering spec/spec-0.20.txt on a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz

BenchmarkRenderSpecNoHTML         300     5751062 ns/op    2696668 B/op     7861 allocs/op
BenchmarkRenderSpec               100    15423729 ns/op    4659899 B/op    38725 allocs/op
BenchmarkRenderSpecBlackFriday    200     7531597 ns/op    2750346 B/op    37247 allocs/op


  • Improve performance with the raw HTML option enabled
  • Write an URL parser/encoder that would support decoding punycode and counting matching [( and )] in URLs

References / Thanks

golang-commonmark/markdown is a partial port of an awesome JavaScript markdown parser markdown-it, written by Alex Kocharin and Vitaly Puzrin.

See also — the reference CommonMark implementations in C and JavaScript, also contains the latest spec and an online demo. — the CommonMark forum, a good place to join together the efforts of the developers.