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A Go package for Spotify-BuddyList

Go Reference

What is it & why?

GoTify-BuddyList is a Go package for the official BuddyList package that allows easy integration in Go systems. I created it to aid in a Go Spotify package I'm working on. Spotify-BuddyList adds a way to get the listening activity of the people you follow on Spotify, which isn't included in Spotify's official API.

Instead, Spotify-BuddyList uses internal Spotify endpoints to achieve this in a better manner than plain web-scraping.


  • go get
import ""

func main() {
        // sd_pc cookie from Spotify web player, see Data needed section in docs
	myCookie := ""

	// Scoped instance version
	b := buddyList.NewScopedInstance(myCookie)
	bl, err := b.BuddyList()

	// Singleton version
	bl, err := buddyList.GetSingletonBuddyList()
  • BuddyList object structure (inline version)
type BuddyList struct {
	Friends []struct {
		Timestamp int64     `json:"timestamp"`
		Time      time.Time `json:"time"`
		User      struct {
			URI      string `json:"uri"`
			Name     string `json:"name"`
			ImageURL string `json:"imageUrl"`
		} `json:"user"`
		Track struct {
			URI      string `json:"uri"`
			Name     string `json:"name"`
			ImageURL string `json:"imageUrl"`
			Album    struct {
				URI  string `json:"uri"`
				Name string `json:"name"`
			} `json:"album"`
			Artist struct {
				URI  string `json:"uri"`
				Name string `json:"name"`
			} `json:"artist"`
			Context struct {
				URI   string `json:"uri"`
				Name  string `json:"name"`
				Index int    `json:"index"`
			} `json:"context"`
		} `json:"track"`
	} `json:"friends"`

Data needed

  • 'Cookie' - sd_pc cookie from Spotify's Web Player
    • After you log into the Spotify web player, you need to find the cookie named 'sp_dc' and get the value of it
    • This cookie expires every year, so if used in production, it will be best to automate the collection of it

Change Log

  • 1.00 - Released 20/08/21