Yet another REST library for golang

go get



Yet another JSON REST library for golang.


You can download the code via the usual go utilities:

go get

To build the code and run the test suite along with several static analysis tools, use the provided Makefile:

make test

Note that the usual go utilities will work just fine but we require that all commits pass the full suite of tests and static analysis tools.


Usage examples are available in the following test suite.

Why Another REST Library?

This library is intended to be used in low-latency scenarios where we need to a tighter control over the allocations and the complexity of the internal data-structures while still providing a dirt simple interface.

gorest will also eventually support a documentation endpoint which conforms the the internal datcratic REST endpoint documentation format. This will be used to implement an interactive web-interface to the REST endpoints.


The source code is available under the Apache License. See the LICENSE file for more details.