“if something happens to me” let the computer act on my behalf...

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“if something happens to me” let the computer act on my behalf...

3n4 is an open source project aimed at offering a secure storage solution to sharing information with selected recipients even if the original data owner were to lose the files. 3n4 is mainly developed in Go.



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In the last few years we have unfortunately seen many different examples of researchers, journalists or political opponents being arrested or killed while operating in totalitarian regimes, often also having their research work destroyed or shelved. These kind of occurrences cannot be predicted with certainty and can happen very suddenly. Starting from these facts, we started thinking about how to provide a solution to those people, giving them the opportunity to securely share critical informations with third parties, even while in prison or deceased: this is the main objective of the 3n4 project.


3n4 (or 3nigm4) is an open source project providing secure data storing and unattended sharing.

Behind the scenes we have designed 3n4 to use PGP keys and AES encryption and to manage actual data and all critical metadata in totally separate files, passing through different processing flows. Furthermore the architecture is intended to be distributed, segmented (organized in micro-services) and lightweight.

While the security community's aim is more often focused on vulnerability detection, this project is focused on the solution: we are driven by the idea of providing a tool usable by anyone (not only by sec researchers or crypto fanatics) but featuring a security level able to satisfy both usage scenarios.


The 3n4 project is composed of two main components:

  • A storage service (3n4store): storing data after removing all metadata from uploaded files (they are actually chunked and anonymized). Based on the use of PGP and AES and maintaining, client side, all critical infos about the uploaded file;
  • A “If Something Happens To Me" service (3n4ishtm): the service will let any user upload sensible data references (encrypted using PGP using the recipient’s keys and referring to files using the previously described storage service) and to deliver it, to pre-defined recipients, if the legitimate data owner do not ping the system after a specific amount of time;
  • A command line client tool (3n4cli): the client to access all 3n4 services.


All 3n4 services are available as docker images (official Docker Hub):

  • 3n4auth: docker pull nexo/3n4auth
  • 3n4store: docker pull nexo/3n4store
  • 3n4cli: docker pull nexo/3n4cli

Each image have a specific README file reporting specific deployment instructions and requirements.


We are right now in alpha with the first version of all componets. To have access to the test instance and try using the 3n4 client please contact @dyst0ni3: you'll be provided with test credentials.


In the docs/ directory you can find useful documentation.


The project is in the early development stages: contributors are welcome! Please before contributing read the issues. Thanks!


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