Ostent is a server tool to collect, display and report system metrics.

devops, metrics, monitoring
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Ostent collects system metrics to display and relay to

  • Graphite
  • InfluxDB
  • Librato

The interactive UI (demo):


The metrics collected and exported:

  • RAM, swap usage
  • CPU usage, load average
  • Disk space usage in bytes and inodes
  • Network ins and outs in bytes, packets, drops and errors

The processes top is on-display only.

The exporting is kept on par with collectd reporting, although the metrics naming is slightly different.


Ostent is a single executable. Release tarball has the binary — download and extract in one go:

tar Jxf - <<<$(curl -L`uname`-`uname -m`.tar.xz)

This will place executable in ./usr/**/bin/ostent. For system-wide install use sudo tar Jxf - -C / <<<....


  • Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • Mac OS X


To continuously export collected metrics, use --graphite, --influxdb and/or --librato.
Use multiple flags and/or use comma separated endpoints for the same kind. E.g.:
      --librato \?email=EMAIL\&token=TOKEN
ostent -h lists supported parameters and defaults.

  -b, --bind address            Bind address (default :8050)
      --graphite endpoints      Graphite exporting endpoints
      --influxdb endpoints      InfluxDB exporting endpoints
      --librato parameters      Librato exporting parameters
      --max-delay delay         Maximum for display delay (default 10m)
  -d, --min-delay delay         Collection and display minimum delay (default 1s)
      --version                 Print version and exit

Running the code

  1. go get
  2. ostent to run.

See also Two kind of builds.


  1. cd $(go list -f {{.Dir}}
  2. make init once.
  3. npm install once, optional, sets up assets and template rebuilding.
  4. gulp watch or make after changes.

make rebuilds these commited to the repo files:

  • share/assets/bindata.*.go
  • share/assets/css/*.css
  • share/assets/js/*/*.js
  • share/templates/*.html
  • share/templates/bindata.*.go
  • share/js/*.jsx

If you don't change source files, content re-generated should not differ from the commited.

gulp watch

  • watches share/{js,style,templatesorigin} and rebuilds dependants on changes
  • does live-reloading ostent code run
  • acceps all ostent flags e.g. gulp watch -b

Two kinds of builds

Standalone and release binaries produced by make (or go get -tags bin) include embeded template and assets.

Non-bin builds made by gulp watch and go get

  • serve assets and use template from actual files
  • have a set of flags facilitating debugging etc.