Sidekiq compatible background workers in golang

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Sidekiq compatible background workers in golang.

  • reliable queueing for all queues using brpoplpush
  • handles retries
  • support custom middleware
  • customize concurrency per queue
  • responds to Unix signals to safely wait for jobs to finish before exiting.
  • provides stats on what jobs are currently running
  • well tested

Example usage:

package main

import (

func myJob(message *workers.Msg) {
  // do something with your message
  // message.Jid()
  // message.Args() is a wrapper around go-simplejson (

type myMiddleware struct{}

func (r *myMiddleware) Call(queue string, message *workers.Msg, next func() bool) (acknowledge bool) {
  // do something before each message is processed
  acknowledge = next()
  // do something after each message is processed

func main() {
    // location of redis instance
    "server":  "localhost:6379",
    // instance of the database
    "database":  "0",
    // number of connections to keep open with redis
    "pool":    "30",
    // unique process id for this instance of workers (for proper recovery of inprogress jobs on crash)
    "process": "1",


  // pull messages from "myqueue" with concurrency of 10
  workers.Process("myqueue", myJob, 10)

  // pull messages from "myqueue2" with concurrency of 20
  workers.Process("myqueue2", myJob, 20)

  // Add a job to a queue
  workers.Enqueue("myqueue3", "Add", []int{1, 2})

  // stats will be available at http://localhost:8080/stats
  go workers.StatsServer(8080)

  // Blocks until process is told to exit via unix signal

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