small DNS-like system

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smallDNS - Simple multi-agent locally listable DNS

Super simple DNS implementation where each machine pings the master server with it's hostname and ip address.

The server stores keeps a locally hosted, file based, DNS map which stores the mapping from hostnames to ip addresses.

The client scripts ping the server if they notice a change in ip address (either from reboot or lease renewal).


  • Client scripts can be deployed on multiple agents without any setup
  • Server keeps track of any agents that have been added
  • Client will only ping the server if a change is noticed
  • Server can generate a hosts file that can be merged with /etc/hosts


  • The server needs to have a static ip address that must be configured in the client script


  • Go (server)
  • Bash, wget (client)

Command Line Arguments:

  • -debug prints debug information
  • -udp pings with udp instead of icmp (doesn't require root, but doesn't seem to work on linux)
  • -port <port number> serves on the specified port (default 7979)

Suggested deployment:

  • Run dnsServer.go on server
  • Set up cron job to execute at a reasonable interval (example in crontab.entry)