A client for the Go programming language

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A client for the Go programming language


How to use


    import ""

    /* import the services you need */
    import ""

Create a new CcaClient.

    ccaClient := cca.NewCcaClient("[your-api-key]")

Retrieve the list of environments

    environments, _ := ccaClient.Environments.List()

Get the ServiceResources object for a specific environment and service. Here, we assume that it is a cloudca service.

    resources, _ := ccaClient.GetResources("[service-code]", "[environment-name]")
    ccaResources := resources.(cloudca.Resources)

Now with the cloudca ServiceResources object, we can execute operations on cloudca resources in the specified environment.

Retrieve the list of instances in the environment.

    instances, _ := ccaResources.Instances.List()

Get a specific volume in the environment.

    volume, _ := ccaResources.Volumes.Get("[some-volume-id]")

Create a new instance in the environment.

    createdInstance, _ := ccaResources.Instances.Create(cloudca.Instance{
            Name: "[new-instance-name]",
            TemplateId: "[some-template-id]",

Handling Errors

When trying to get a volume with a bogus id, an error will be returned.

    //Get a volume with a bogus id
    _, err := ccaResources.Volumes.Get("[some-volume-id]")

Two types of error can occur: an unexpected error (ex: unable to connect to server) or an API error (ex: service resource not found) If an error has occured, then we first try to cast the error into a CcaErrorResponse. This object contains the HTTP status code returned by the server, an error code and a list of CcaError objects. If it's not a CcaErrorResponse, then the error was not returned by the API.

    if err != nil {
        if errorResponse, ok := err.(api.CcaErrorResponse); ok {
            if errorResponse.StatusCode == api.NOT_FOUND {
                fmt.Println("Volume was not found")
            } else {
                //Can get more details from the CcaErrors
        } else {
            //handle unexpected error
            panic("Unexpected error")


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.