Implementation of Distributed KV store

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This piece of work is an implementation of Raft protocol. The reference paper can be found at


  • The code is divided into three different modules namely the Connection_Handler, the SharedLog and the KVStore.
  • Current implementation does not incorporate the leader election process. The server which is run first will be the default leader of Raft. Others will be followers.
  • All Client communication is handled by the Leader. The leader takes consensus from the majority of server replicas before committing the changes.
  • If a client tries to communicate with a non-leader server then it gets "ERR_REDIRECT host port" message where host=ip-address/name of Leader and port=port# of leader.

Team Member(Individual)

Ramesh Gaikwad 13305R011

Instructions: How to run

1.Obtain a copy of the project using: go get

2.Change directory to cs733-raft : cd $GOPATH/src/

3.Run the test script using following commands: go test

Thank you!